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Grow Further, LLC.

Creative Gardening by Dylan Sweeney
Nashville, TN

A professional pruning company with an emphasis on rose gardens, boxwood, and espaliers.


To ensure your garden reaches its potential, I focus on knowing the plant’s growth requirements. This is the beginning of any cultivating process. Through selective hand pruning, my services offer a proper approach to training specimens. This helps many plants, such as, roses, fruit trees, perennials, shrubs, and small trees to thrive season after season.

The art of garden cultivation is a practice I have over ten years of experience. The company’s mission is to help your garden grow further in the direction of a more sustainable one while also enhancing it. Through plant selection, aesthetic pruning, and consultation visits I promise to take your garden to a higher level. Regular inspections are an important practice for achieving a beautiful garden. As an aesthetic pruning consultant, I have a long term vision and many techniques to combine science and art.



Your garden is a living, growing investment that requires continuous cultivation to be its very best. Grow Further will keep your Specimens increasing in beauty and value, year-round, by: 

  • Aesthetic Pruning

  • Cultivation of Flowers/Fruit

  • Plant Healthcare Assessment

  • Soil Assessment 

  • Fertilizer Application

  • Irrigation Consulting  

  • Integrated Pest Management Programs

  • Brush Removal

Grow Further offers a comprehensive range of gardening programs and cost structures. All services are delivered with professional care and an attention to detail you can trust. We will provide the highest quality in workmanship and use of the best equipment in the industry. 

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